SNS conference 2022 で招待講演しました。

SNS conference 2022で、清水克哉教授が招待講演しました。

< 開催日時 >
  12-16 December, 2022

< 開催場所 >
  Faculty Hall, Main Building,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

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   IISC – Indian Institute of Science

< 発表内容 >

  • High-temperature superconductivity in hydrogen-rich compounds and the experimental background (Invited)
    Katsuya Shimizu
     12 December 2022 (Monday) 17:00 – 17:30

Recent intensive theoretical and experimental studies under high pressure have led to the synthesis of many hydrogen-rich superconductors. Synthesis of RTS, a room-temperature superconductor is one of the goals of material science and technology. Here we present that Pressure is one of the powerful tools to improve the superconducting property and synthesize new superconductors. Almost hydrogen-rich superconductors have been synthesized from metals and elemental hydrogen H2 or hydrogen source by laser heating at high pressure, combined with the crystal structure analysis by using the synchrotron x-rays. The detail of the recent experimental investigations for synthesis and observation of the hydrogen-rich superconductors will be reviewed.